Nr 37 • September 2006

A Visit to Pakistan

It was a cool, clear sunny morning, the day before Eid ul-Azha, the holy festival of sacrifice, and the second most holy day in Islam. It marks the end of Haj, the pilgrimage that millions of Muslims make every year to Mecca.

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Seedbeds of Terrorism: The Post-Soviet States and the Rise of the New Jihad

The collapse of the Soviet Union has played a major role in the rise of Islamist terrorism in three significant ways. First of all, it led to a revolution in the thinking of many Muslims about the nature of Western societies – and one should never forget that for most Muslims, the USSR was part of the Western project rather than something at odds with it – and that, in turn, brought about a shift from 1991 to September 11, 2001.

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English summary

This month the world marks the fifth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks in America. So does Diplomaatia – this issue of the magazine looks into the roots and the scope of Islamic terrorism.

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