Nr 25 • Oktoober 2005

Does Estonia Need a Think Tank?

Eighty-nine countries around the world now have think tanks – public policy research centers, the staffs of which consist of academics, prominent intellectuals and public officials between or after assignments who prepare analyses and recommendations about what their countries ought to do.

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Think-tanks, truth and democracy

The most interesting place in the world of ideas is where journalism, politics and academic life overlap. On their own, each is limited. Journalism is irresistibly drawn to the superficial and sensational. Politics is always likely to be short-term and self-interested. Academics have a built-in tendency to be detached and overly fastidious. But put them together and you get the best of all worlds.

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English summary

This October Diplomaatia celebrates a small birthday – it’s now exactly two years since Diplomaatia entered the Estonian media-space and during that time, 25 issues have been published. Hence, the current issue is focused less on the hot topics of the day and more on the specifics of analyzing foreign policy.

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