Nr 106/107 • Juuni 2012

Debate: There Is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

When a head of state publishes a fundamental essay in the media, it usually attracts attention, especially if in addition to the domestic scene this also concerns a respectable international journal – to be more specific, if an article is printed in the most influential local policy paper, Diplomaatia, and its English version is released in a special edition on European-American relations of Policy Review, an eminent publication of Stanford University. Besides Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the special edition included such authors as Robert Kagan, Robert Cooper, Ivan Krastev, Charles A. Kupchan and Kurt Volker. Postimees admittedly published excerpts from the president’s article printed in the jubilee issue of Diplomaatia, but that was the full extent of the debate.

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Elections in Greece

Instead of the traditional left-right division, Greek political landscape is increasingly divided according to the parties’ attitudes towards austerity measures.

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This issue of Diplomaatia expounds on the domestic and foreign policies of one of Estonia’s peaceful and friendly neighbours – Sweden. We ask how well Estonians know the country that is the largest foreign investor in Estonia and we offer a few insights, which reveal that the image of Sweden as a sleepy and generous welfare state belongs to the past. In addition, this issue contains analyses of a few European countries that held elections in May – France, Serbia and Greece – and reflections upon NATO’s tasks and role in the wake of the Chicago Summit and a session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Tallinn.

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