International Affairs & Foreign Policy

Looking Ahead to Putin’s Re-“election”

This year, strictly speaking, there is no real presidential election in Russia. In this strange process I call an “election” only for brevity’s sake, all candidates must be approved by the incumbent president and do not have equal access to the mass media.

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Public seminar “De-occupation of Crimea: When and How?”

ICDS hosted a public seminar the main aims of which were to stress the importance of maintaining the Crimean occupation issue high on the international political agenda as well as in global media focus and to emphasise the need for more vigorously counteracting Russia’s persistent efforts to manipulate public narratives and legitimise this occupation.

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Taking Stock of Estonian Foreign and Security Policy in 2017

On Friday, December 15th, ICDS hosted a public discussion with Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Sven Mikser, and Minister of Defence, Mr. Jüri Luik, entitled “Taking Stock of Estonian Foreign and Security Policy in 2017.” ICDS Director, Sven Sakkov offered introductory remarks and the event was moderated by ICDS Research Fellow, Eerik Marmei.

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