Why Was Alexei Navalnyi Poisoned Now? And Why Was He Handed Over to Germany?

On 20 August, prominent Kremlin critic Alexei Navalnyi collapsed on board a commercial flight, causing it to make an emergency landing in Omsk. Navalnyi’s condition had changed suddenly and violently during the flight and the aircraft captain’s swift decision probably saved his life. His family, friends and supporters immediately—and with good reason—suspected that he had been poisoned.

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Nord Stream 2: Preparing for the Bait & Switch

One should not interpret recent media reports to the effect that the Nord Stream 2 project is in peril. The German energy regulator the Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) it is reported may not grant Nord Stream 2 a derogation from EU energy liberalisation regime, contained in the gas directive 2009. Such a failure to obtain a derogation from the BNetzA, even if that is its final decision, is likely to prove far from fatal to Nord Stream 2.

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