Border Security & Migration

The Closure of Talsinki

In Southern Europe, the EU seems to be getting a lot of attention in the context of the coronavirus crisis. Italy has been decrying the lack of European solidarity and French president Emmanuel Macron has made strong appeals for more of it. Following the debates in the north-eastern corner of Europe, one rather gets the impression that people are forgetting about the EU. In Estonia and Finland—countries that I follow the closest—Brussels is not expected to help countries out of the crisis—national leaders are.

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The Refugee Crisis is also about Power

Turkey’s decision not to keep the refugees anymore in their country may create a new refugee crisis for the European Union if the war in Syria indefinitely continues and the EU reacts slowly. However, it seems that now the EU is better prepared for the refugees than it was five years ago when only a few top politicians expected such numbers of refugees coming into Europe.

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