January 5, 2015

Silva Kiili joined ICDS in January

Silva Kiili joined the International Centre for Defence and Security on 1 January 2015. Her research focuses on the psychological contract in military organisations.

Her tasks include exploring attitudes among serviceman in the Estonian Defence Forces and the Defence League and analysing what Estonia could do to attract more men and woman to serve in the Estonian military. Another task is to analyse value-based motivational aspects in voluntary military organizations, member expectations and perceived obligations and to develop policy recommendations. And finally, analysing whether Estonia should be prepared to receive foreign volunteers, and if so, how they should be used drawing from best practices abroad.
Silva has worked in the Estonian Defence Forces, the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and is an active member of the Estonian Defence League. Silva has an MSc degree from the Estonian University of Life Sciences and studied Management at the Open University Business School in the United Kingdom. She is currently a PhD student in the field of management at the Estonian Business School, her research topic is value-based psychological contracts in voluntary military organisations. In addition, she has lectured on management and entrepreneurship, and currently lectures at the Estonian Business School.

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