November 6, 2015

Seminar “Contribution of Volunteers to the Security of Society” Held in Narva

Sinu Riigi Kaitse in cooperation with International Centre for Defence and Security organized a public seminar entitled “Contribution of volunteers to the security of society” in Narva on November 6. A group of visiting Ukrainian paramilitary fighters (National Guard of Ukraine) and representatives of volunteer military organizations shared their experience and they role in defending their country.

The aim of the seminar was to generate a public discussion on the issues of national defence and the role of volunteers in contributing to the security of their homeland. In the discussion participated the residents of Ida-Viru County, Estonia’s Russian youth, volunteers of Homeland Security, members of the Estonian Defence League, security experts, journalists.
ICDS research fellow Dmitry Teperik gave an introduction and gave floor to several young volunteers of Estonia’s Homeland Security, Estonian League of Defence and volunteer organizations, which shared their motivation and insights from contributing to developing a comprehensive security of Estonia.
ICDS research fellow Silva Kiili presented her research on motivation through personal values of military volunteers. She explained that personal values provide a basis for formation of social groups and motivated behavior by the groups and identified the values espoused by people who serve as professional Defence Forces members or contribute as volunteers to the activities of military organizations.
Considering today’s geopolitical situation where the Ukrainian-Russian conflict threatens security in the entire Europe, the role of volunteers became more important than ever in Ukraine. ICDS junior research fellow Anna Bulakh moderated the panel with guests from the Ukraine — paramilitary fighters from National Guard of Ukraine regiments and volunteer military organizations — who talked about their personal motivation and their role in defending their country.

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