March 26, 2021

Roundtable on NATO’s Southern Neighbourhood: Clear Strategy Needed

NATO needs to implement a clear and comprehensive strategy for the South that includes concrete aims, joint actions, and resources. The Mediterranean Allies have the understanding and expertise to take the lead in defining the content of a strategy for the regions they border.

This is the main conclusion of the Policy Paper “NATO’s Southern Neighbourhood” presented by its author, ICDS Research Fellow Kalev Stoicescu on 26 March 2021. The web-event attracted ambassadors and other diplomatic representatives of southern Allies, including Italy, Turkey, Romania, Spain and Greece. Security policy experts from these countries made personal contributions to the Policy Paper.

The Paper is intended to demonstrate Estonia’s interest in and understanding of security challenges and threats from NATO’s south. It describes and analyses the security context in the wider Mediterranean region, including conflicts of interest between NATO Allies, the threat of terrorism (also from the Sahel) and irregular migration, as well as challenges posed by Russia – particularly in the conflicts in Syria and Libya –  and China. The paper ends with conclusions and recommendations to policy makers and experts in NATO countries.



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