April 6, 2018

NATO’s role in securing the cyber-space

ICDS was proud to host a seminar titled “NATO’s role in securing the cyber-space” featuring Assistant Secretary General of NATO Dr Antonio Missiroli and director of NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) Merle Maigre.

NATO has recognized cyber-space as a domain of operations and has declared that a cyber-attack could lead to the collective response by the Alliance. NATO member states have also agreed on a cyber—pledge, which ensures individual efforts by all allies. CCDCOE is organizing world’s largest and most complex international live-fire cyber-defence exercise Locked Shields and in 2017 published a comprehensive guide into how international law applies to cyberspace called “Tallinn manual 2.0”.

Conversation with Dr Missiroli and director Maigre concentrated on attribution of cyber-attacks, whether deterrence as a concept has relevance in countering the threats emanating from cyber-space, and on the role of the Alliance should play in securing our common, increasingly digital, future. Applicability of international law and development of internationally recognized norms guiding state behavior were also covered, as was an issue of retribution against malign state actors.

Beyond the opening statements the event was run under the Chatham House rule.

Discussion was moderated by the director of ICDS Sven Sakkov

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