May 20, 2021

ICDS Participates in a Workshop in Ukraine About Resilience

Dmitri Teperik giving a talk in Sumy State University, Ukraine.
Dmitri Teperik giving a talk in Sumy State University, Ukraine.

A public discussion and workshop about building resilience in Ukraine took place in Sumy State University (Ukraine) on the 19th-21st of May, 2021. A group of 30 experts and practitioners from Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania discuss key security developments in Ukraine and the world, current trends in international relations in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as main vulnerabilities of Ukrainian society and approaches to building a more resilient society.

One of the main speakers of the first day was the Chief Executive of the ICDS, Dmitri Teperik, who moderated a panel discussion on the transformative effects of international cooperation.
“Resilience became a buzzword, which is good, but it is now the responsibility of the analysts, policymakers and politicians to rethink the meaning of resilience for Ukraine,” Dmitri said. “Resilience starts within people and how they communicate with each other and their community,” he added.
On the second day of the event the ICDS Head of Studies┬áTomas Jermalavi─Źius gave his talk about the rationale for and progress in developing multilateral approaches to resilience in the Euro-Atlantic area.

SPS Advanced Research Workshop was organized by the ICDS and Research Centre for Regional Security at Sumy State University in partnership with Resilient Ukraine development co-operation programme with the support from the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme.

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