November 19, 2015

ICDS Research Fellow Dmitri Teperik Contributes to NATO Research Group on Information Operations

ICDS research fellow Dmitri Teperik participated in the expert seminar “Information Operations for Influence” which took place on 17-19 November 2015 in Kingston, Canada.

The event was jointly organised by NATO Science and Technology Organisation’s Research Task Group SAS-117, Defence Research and Development Canada and the Royal Military College of Canada.
Dmitri Teperik made a presentation entitled “Countering Russian Propaganda among Russophone Youth in Estonia” and contributed to the discussion on identification and analysis of emerging threats in the information environment (IE). In close co-operation with other colleagues from seven NATO Allies, Dmitri Teperik will conduct, in the coming 2,5 years, research focused on exploitation of the IE by various adversaries as well as on the assessment of new threats and methods to counter IE exploitation advantages gained by various adversaries.

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