October 29, 2016

ICDS Organised International Autumn School Resilience League 2016

Held in Narva-Jõesuu on October 25-29, 2016, international Baltic-Ukrainian autumn school Resilience League 2016 was dedicated to the topic of informational and psychological resilience. The main aim of the event was to train young professionals and experts in practical skills and tools for promoting transatlantic security and defence agenda as well as strengthening national resilience against hybrid threats.

Autumn school Resilience League 2016 was attended by 40 young experts (e.g. practitioners from the NGOs and post-graduate students from the universities) representing Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland as well as some local journalists, opinion leaders and specialists interested in related topic.
Open discussions and interactions among young experts contributed to demystification of Russia’s propaganda and influence of hostile information and psychological operations. Participants got practical knowledge of using social media tools in communicating defence and security issues to youth and learnt methods of countering the messages of hostile propaganda. For more information please consult the full programme of the autumn school Resilience League 2016: www.kaitsen.ee/autumnschool2016-agenda One of the organisers, ICDS Chief Executive, Dmitri Teperik noted that in the light of hybrid threats, informational security is closely linked to national resilience, and hence it also related to psychological security of the whole society. “Given the recent experience of Ukraine and to some extent, in the Baltic states, it is important to improve the functioning of comprehensive approach to national defense, in which every citizen and every organization must be aware of its role,” – said Teperik.
Autumn school Resilience League 2016 was jointly organised by the International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS) and National Centre for Defence & Security Awareness (Estonia). The main supporters were Friedrich Ebert Foundation and NATO Public diplomacy Division.
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