June 8, 2015

ICDS hosts the Heritage Foundation for the Index of Economic Freedom launch event

On 8 June ICDS organized, in cooperation with the Heritage Foundation, the Index of Economic Freedom launch event. Mr Jack Spencer and Mr Anthony Kim from the Heritage Foundation presented a lecture, entitled “Estonia: Getting Economic Freedom Right in Trying Times.”

The Index of Economic Freedom, an annual data-driven, cross-country analysis by the Heritage Foundation in collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, measures the impact of liberty and the free markets around the globe. This year Vice President Mr Jack Spencer and Research Manager Mr Anthony Kim from the Heritage Foundation came to Estonia to highlight the high ranking of Estonia in the Index. Based on the Index Estonia currently ranks as the 8th freest economy in the world and is the freest among EU Member States.
According to the representatives from the Heritage Foundation, Estonia has done much to advance economic freedom, particular over the past five years. Despite the eurozone crisis and a half-decade of weak regional growth, Estonia’s domestic economy has proven resilient, and economic freedom has advanced. Since 2011, economic freedom has increased in a majority of the 10 factors of the Index of Economic Freedom.
The Index of Economic Freedom launch event was attended by representatives of various public offices, embassies and media outlets. Following the presentation, participants engaged in a lively Question and Answer session.

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