November 24, 2016

ICDS Experts Presented Research-Based Profile of Defence Volunteers in Ukraine

On the international conference “Cooperation of state and citizens to ensure territorial defence of the country” held in Vilnius on November 23-24, ICDS Chief Executive Dmitri Teperik and Research Fellow Anna Bulakh presented results and main findings from the analytical study on the structure of motivational factors of military volunteers in Ukraine and the influence of hostile psychological and information operations. The study was conducted in various regions of Ukraine during the period of October 2015 – September 2016.

Based on original research data, the analysis explores the profile of a military volunteer, tackles the motivational and personal decision of Ukrainian citizens to join military volunteer units, their perception of the national threats and regular military structures. In the light of asymmetric nature of the war in Eastern Ukraine, the study approaches the issue of militarization of the information in Russia’s tactics and its influence on combat moral of the volunteers on the frontline.
The final report of the study will be published on the ICDS web-page by the end of 2016.