November 28, 2017

Estonian National Defence Courses

The purpose of the Estonian National Defence Course (ENDC) is to introduce Estonia’s security, foreign and defence policies, as well as its broad-based national defence concept, to an audience of Estonian politicians, senior state officials and members of the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF), local government officials, top economic and opinion leaders, cultural and educational practitioners, journalists and NGOs. Subsequently, it is hoped that ENDC participants will contribute by familiarizing the broader society with these policies, thereby enhancing cooperation and social cohesion in the field of national defence.

On 29.10-03.11, the XXXVII Estonian National Defence Courses took place. 70 people participated in the main course and e-course.

On 16-17.11, the fifth follow up course of higher national defence courses took place. 25 alumni from 2010 and 2011 courses attended.

On 27-28.11, in cooperation with ICDS and The Information System Authority (RIA) was held the “defence Course for Cyber Experts”. Participants were cyber-field executives and experts from both the private and public sector. Presenters were the leaders of Estonian national defence and security agencies. The course binds and helps participants understand the world around us and their role in national defence.

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