September 3, 2019

Erkki Bahovski to ERR: British Elections May Take Place After No-Deal Brexit

Snap elections in the UK may take place after a no-deal Brexit on October 31, Erkki Bahovski, Editor-in-Chief of the ICDS Diplomaatia magazine commented to “Aktuaalne Kaamera”, the main news programme of the Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR).

“Tories now have great lead in the polls, and from the point when Boris Johnson became prime minister, but it is worth remembering 2017, when Theresa May, similarly relying on a lead in the polls, announced the elections. But the elections did not end with that sort of victory for the Tories and they had to take the DUP on board. That may happen now, too,” Bahovski said.

Watch the full commentary at ERR.

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