June 10, 2016

Dmtiri Teperik Speaks about Hybrid Confrontation at NATO Expert Seminar in Kyiv

ICDS Chief Executive Dmitri Teperik participated in NATO round-table discussion entitled “Border Security in Eastern Europe: Lessons for NATO and Partners”, organised by Warsaw Office of German Marshall Fund (GMF) and the Institute of World Policy in Kyiv, Ukraine on 9-10 June 2016.

The following questions have been addressed by experts from 10 different countries during the workshop: What are the key challenges to border security in Ukraine and how should they be addressed? What lessons can be learned from Ukraine’s experience to prevent hybrid tactics from comprising borders in other countries? How could border security in Ukraine be further enhanced? How can NATO cooperate with the Ukrainian military and border patrol authorities on enabling more effective response to border challenges on Ukraine’s eastern frontier?
In his speech, Dmitri Teperik discoursed the threats of non-military actors in hybrid confrontation in the Baltic region and Ukraine.
More information: Institute of World Policy

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