August 1, 2015

Dmitri Teperik Joined ICDS in August

Dmitri Teperik joined the International Centre for Defence and Security on 1 August 2015. As his main area of research, Dmitri investigates receptiveness to hostile propaganda among Estonia’s Russian-speaking community from the standpoint of comprehensive national defence. His duties at ICDS involve conducting research projects in the field of strategic communication and psychological defence, and developing cooperation on this topic with NATO allies and EU partner countries.

From 2007-2015 Dmitri worked at the Estonian Ministry of Defence, where he was in charge of the field of defence-related research and development, serving as Estonian national coordinator at the NATO Science and Technology Organization and promoting Estonia’s role in security-related cooperation projects at the European Commission and the European Defence Agency.
Dmitri led the launch of a security-related training programme aimed at young ethnic Russians in Estonia, called Sinu Riigi Kaitse (Defending Your Country), the main purpose being to strengthen social cohesiveness by promoting the development of Estonian national identity among young Russian-speakers.
Dmitri holds a MS degree from the University of Tartu and has taken part in various professional training courses in Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium (including at NATO headquarters), France, the Netherlands, the US and Canada.

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