Sanshiro Hosaka

Sanshiro Hosaka

Research Fellow

Areas of expertise: Soviet/Russian propaganda and covert actions; Western academia and agents of influence; Soviet/Russian intelligence; historical memory of Ukrainians
Languages: Japanese, English, Russian

Sanshiro Hosaka joined Estonian Foreign Policy Institute at ICDS in a part-time position in July 2021. He is a PhD student at the University of Tartu, Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies. His current research interest includes strategic narratives of non-democracies targeting academia,
political technology, Soviet/Russian reflexive control and active measures, and intelligence history. Previously he served as a project manager in the Japan-funded intergovernmental committees in the field of nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. He also worked for the Japanese diplomatic missions in Dushanbe and Kyiv.

His latest publications are: “Putin the ‘Peacemaker’? – Russian Reflexive Control during the 2014 August Invasion of Ukraine,” in The Journal of Slavic Military Studies, 2019; “Welcome to Surkov’s Theater: Russian Political Technology in the Donbas War,” in Nationalities Papers, 2019; “Repeating
History: Soviet Offensive Counterintelligence Active Measures,” in International Journal of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence, 2020; “Chekists Penetrate the Transition Economy: The KGB’s Self-Reforms during Perestroika,” in Problems of Post-Communism, 2022; “Perestroika of the KGB: Chekists Penetrate Politics,” in International Journal of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence, 2022; “The KGB and Glasnost: A Contradiction in Terms?” in Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, 2022.

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