Marek Kohv

Head of Security & Resilience Programme

Areas of expertise: hybrid warfare, intelligence and espionage, anticipatory intelligence, situational awareness, information operations, influence activities

Languages: Estonian, English, Russian

Marek Kohv joined the ICDS in 2024 as a 20-year security and national defence veteran. He’s last position in the public sector was Head of Analysis at the Government Office’s National Security and Defense Coordination Bureau. Among his other duties, Marek Kohv was in charge of several analytical products that aimed to maintain situational awarness for the Prime Minister and for Government ministers. Throughout his career, Marek Kohv has also served in the Defense Forces in various positions, including in the Military Intelligence Centre and Joint Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces. He has participated in several foreign operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Marek Kohv is an alumnus of the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School as a Psychological Operations officer. He holds a master’s degree in European Union and international law from Tallinn University of Technology.

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