Kalev Stoicescu

Kalev Stoicescu is a former Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence official. He worked at the ICDS from 2014 till 2023 before being elected to the Parliament of the Republic of Estonia. Among other fields, he specialises in issues related to Russian foreign and domestic policy, as well as developments in the field of NATO’s defence and security. He served at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1991-2000, including as Ambassador to the OSCE and Ambassador to the US and Canada. He was a member of the Estonian delegation in border negotiations with Russia and Latvia. He worked for the Ministry of Defence from 2002-2014, first as civilian-military cooperation department head and then, from 2007, as counsellor on defence policy at the Estonian Embassy in Paris.

Author's articles

Commentary 12. Mar, 2018

Putin’s Speech

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has delivered a number of assertive anti-Western statements since his notorious address on 10 February 2007…

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