Dmitri Teperik

Dmitri Teperik joined the ICDS on 1 August 2015 as a research fellow on strategic communication and then served as the chief executive (2016-23). He has over 10 years of experience in contributing as a director or a leading subject-matter-expert to various international research projects, interdisciplinary studies, development cooperation programmes, professional training and outreach activities on comprehensive resilience and complex measures against hostile influence and disinformation. Among the key topics, he has studied socio-psychological factors shaping societal resilience and cohesion, cognitive security, cross-sectoral crisis management, media consumption, situational awareness in information environment, effects of social media, as well as interdependencies between strategic communication and group behaviour patterns. His main focus areas include Ukraine, the Baltic states, and the post Communist countries of Eastern Europe.

During 2016-23, he also led the “Resilient Ukraine” development cooperation programme which focused on assessing and strengthening national resilience in vulnerable communities in Ukraine.

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