Trans-Atlantic Relations

Who Needs a European Army?

The French call it l’Europe de la Défence. At first glance this seems to suggest, at least to non-French observers, a concept based on the complementarity and synergy of NATO’s military muscle and hard security guarantees, and the economic might and soft power (and capacity for resilience) provided by the European Union.

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ABCD 2018

This year’s Annual Baltic Conference on Defence (ABCD), co-organised by the ICDS and the Estonian Ministry of Defence, was held on 25-26 September.

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Do We Have to Worry About Western Cohesion?

Canada was invited to join the group of six largest advanced Western economies in 1976, in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Pierre Elliott Trudeau (“PET”), the 15th Prime Minister of Canada, joined Gerald Ford, Harold Wilson, Helmut Schmidt and others in the format that subsequently became the G7. PET’s oldest son, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, hosted the latest G7 Summit Meeting in Quebec, on June 8 and 9, 2018.

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