Fighting Disinformation: Disclose Stories, Scenarios, Tools, and Identify Targets

In the ‘global village’, we are facing industrial scale lying, toxic narratives to produce serials of fake news, originating from Russia. However, debunking fake news doesn’t help in the long run although it is essential to check facts. It’s important to disclose false stories, scenarios, tools, and identify targets. Putting more effort into media literacy is also part of the solution.

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Going Past Monopoly: Developing a Balanced Baltic Sea Regional Gas Market

In the last half-decade, the three Baltic states have made dramatic progress towards diversifying their energy supplies, especially of natural gas. This progress—brought about thanks to remarkable political will as well as improved regional cooperation—has resulted in considerable economic benefit while decreasing the three countries’ vulnerability to outside pressure. Yet, much remains to be done in order to complete the three countries’ internal markets.

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ICDS V-Talk with Brian Whitmore, CEPA: Russia’s Hybrid Warfare – How Resilient Are We?

Has the West adequately responded to the Russian military aggression against Ukraine? Is there no other way to supply energy to Europe than building Nord Stream 2? How serious is the threat of Russian fake news? Watch the ICDS V-Talk with Brian Whitmore, Senior Fellow and Russia Program Director of the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) after an insightful and sharp discussion on Russia’s hybrid warfare at ICDS on 11 March 2019.

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