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Kalev Stoicescu in Postimees: Russia Considers Its Symbols Sacred with Religious Fanaticism

“The Russian foreign ministry may have – as always – several possible goals. Firstly, it is attempting to show that Russia does not interfere with the clearing of archives, as it is claimed (because it has not been in the archives, it is not about Gulag, etc.),” said Kalev Stoicescu, research fellow at the International Centre for Defense and Security, analyzing the Russian foreign ministry’s recent first publication of copies of original documents from the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and its secret protocol in daily Postimees.

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Sven Sakkov in Edasi Magazine: Lennart’s Conference

“The Lennart Meri Conference (LMC) is the best security conference in Europe in the north of BayerischeHof Hotel Munich. Okay, we can argue about this statement, but it is definitely the best international security conference in the Nordic-Baltic area,” writes Sven Sakkov, Director of the International Centre for Defence and Security which is organising the LMC, in the magazine Edasi.

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