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Erkki Bahovski to Danas: Finland is Taking Steps to Defend EU Unity and Values

“Ever since Finland joined the EU in 1995 it has always advocated the EU unity, because it helps Finland to withstand Russian pressure. So, it is very logical that Finland is taking these perhaps extremist steps to defend EU unity and values, because Hungary is clearly dismantling the EU unity and that, of course, is beneficial for Russia,” Erkki Bahovski, editor-in-chief of ICDS Diplomaatia magazine commented on the Hungarian-Finnish row to the Serbian daily newspaper Danas.

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Rein Oidekivi on Kuku Radio: It Is Irrelevant to Ask Which Side Estonia Should Choose in the Tensions Between Finland and Hungary

“Estonia has good relations with both Finland and Hungary. It is irrelevant to ask which side Estonia should choose,” Rein Oidekivi, research fellow of ICDS commented in the Kuku radio programme Välismääraja staged and recorded on 10 August at the Estonian Opinion Festival 2019 and hosted by Erkki Bahovski, editor-in-chief of ICDS Diplomaatia magazine.

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Erkki Bahovski to Przegląd Bałtycki: There Was Lack of Cooperation Between the Baltic States and the Nordic Countries

“There was a lack of cooperation between the Baltic states and the Nordic countries. For Estonia it is more difficult to pursue its own policy due to the fact that the Nordic countries do not welcome Estonia with open arms in their ranks, and at the same time Estonia is not too interested in underlining its Baltic identity,” Erkki Bahovski, Editor-in-Chief of Diplomaatia magazine of ICDS commented to the Polish news portal Przegląd Bałtycki why neither the Nordic countries nor Estonia have representatives in the ranks of new EU leaders.

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