Defence Spending

#NATO2030. Addressing the Burden-Sharing Challenge

NATO routinely measures and compares the national defence inputs and outputs of its members to assess how they share the burden of collective defence. It has always been apparent that by comparison with the US, Europe needs to do more, but NATO’s burden-sharing discussion is stuck on tired arguments about simple spending measures.

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ABCD 2018

This year’s Annual Baltic Conference on Defence (ABCD), co-organised by the ICDS and the Estonian Ministry of Defence, was held on 25-26 September.

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NATO Brussels Summit: Prospects and Opportunities

The next NATO Summit meeting will be held in Brussels on 11–12 July. The heads of state and government will be taking stock of the decisions of the Wales and Warsaw Summits and implement further the adaptation of the Alliance to respond to the wide range of 21st-century security challenges.

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