Defence Policy & Strategy

A View from the Frontline: Estonian Experience

“The Baltic states are where NATO is at its weakest and Russia, its strongest,” ICDS Director Sven Sakkov provides a sobering view of the threats and developments from the frontline states of NATO’s Eastern Flank in the recent NATO Defense College Research Paper “The Alliance Five Years after Crimea: Implementing the Wales Summit Pledges”.

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Does NATO’s new cost sharing arrangement contribute to fairer burden sharing?

Allies recently agreed to a new cost sharing formula whereby European members and Canada will increase their contributions to NATO’s three common funded budgets allowing the US share to decrease. This new arrangement is a consequence of the reluctance of many European nations to spend more on defence and the perceived need to send positive signals to the White House.

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Saber Strike: What would we do without you?

For just under a decade, the Baltic states have actively participated in Operation Saber Strike, an annual series of multinational tactical exercises led by U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) to enhance cooperation within the alliance and illustrate the combined capabilities on the Eastern flank.

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