Civil-Military Relations

NATO Seeks Opportunities to Enhance CIMIC Capabilities

NATO`s Civil–Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Key Leaders Conference 2019, organised by the Civil–Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (CCOE) and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), took place during May 27–30 at the premises of the Albanian Ministry of Defence in Tirana.

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Moldova: Chronicles of a Post-Electoral Day

Autor: Vlad Lupan
(Vlad Lupan on Moldovas tuntud poliitikaanalüütik)

April 8, 2009; 14.00hrs Moldovan time
Vlad Lupan, Independent expert ( GSM +373 79 372020)

This is an extended chronology of the events viewed from the street and from conversations with the opposition party high-ranking officials

Protests, clashes and destruction are the result of the Moldovan elections. The citizens are divided and antagonized. The opposition is threatened and allegedly blackmailed. The events that unfolded are presented as coup d’état by one side or as a planned destabilization scenario to discredit the opposition by the other. The evolution of the events was an important indicator that supports some of these scenarios.

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