Capabilities & capability planning

Building Capacity for the EU Global Strategy

A degraded security situation, the Brexit referendum and the election of a US President at best indifferent to European security matters have led the Member States to search for new security and defence solutions and for new ways to demonstrate European cohesion.

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To Draft or Not to Draft: Defence Policy Choices in Lithuania and Latvia

Two years ago Lithuania made the announcement that mandatory military service for male citizens, suspended in 2008, was to be restored. This marked one of the most dramatic defence policy turn-arounds in recent European history, as it bucked the overall post-Cold War trend towards limiting or abolishing conscription on the continent. Sweden will soon follow suit.

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Preparing for the Worst – Conscription and Reserve Forces in the Nordics

The modern system of military conscription dates all the way back to the French Revolution in the 1790’s, and it soon thereafter became the means of creating large and powerful armed forces. Most major European states conscripted their male populations at a certain young age, trained them, and then kept them in their reserve force, giving them periodical refresher training exercises to maintain their military readiness.

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