July 12, 2019

Join us at the Opinion Festival 2019: great power struggle, information hygiene, Brussels bubble

Come and join us on 9-10 August in Paide, Estonia at the Opinion Festival 2019 „Global Estonia“ area where we will organise 3 exciting and topical discussions on issues that will determine Estonia’s future. At least that’s what we, the organisers think.

  1. Friday, 9 August at 16-17.30: “Will Europe become a player in world politics?” (in Estonian). Participants: Evelyn Kaldoja (daily newspaper Postimees); Andres Kasekamp (University of Toronto); Matti Maasikas (Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Raivo Vare. The discussion will be led by Kristi Raik, director of Estonian Foreign Policy Institute / ICDS.
  2. Saturday, 10 August at 12-13.30: “Information hygiene in the time of peace and crisis” (in Russian). Participating experts from Ukraine: political psychologist professor Lidia Smol, conflict specialist and psychologist dr. Iryna Brunova-Kalisetska, journalist Valeria Pimkina and media expert Tatiana Kolosova. From Estonia, Grigori Senkov, director of the National Centre of Defence and Security Awareness will join the discussion that will be led by Dmitri Teperik, chief executive of ICDS.
  3. Saturday, 10 August at 14-15.30: “How does the jam get inside the doughnut? A discussion on decision making in the European Union” (in Estonian). Vivian Loonela from the European Commission and Epp Ehand, ERR’s Brussels correspondent, will shed light on what’s the reality in Brussels. The discussion will be led by Piret Kuusik, junior research fellow of Estonian Foreign Policy Institute/ICDS.

We are also excited to hear your views on the developments, choices and opportunities of Estonia and other countries in the world.

For a more detailed description of the discussions and the full programme of the “Global Estonia“ area, visit the Opinion Festival 2019 homepage: www.arvamusfestival.ee/

Ahead the Opinion Festival 2019, we will provide more information on the content of discussions and introduce participants on Facebook.

We look forward to seeing you at the Opinion Festival 2019 „Global Estonia“ area!


The “Global Estonia” area is organised by the International Centre for Defence and Security and Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association (together with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Embassy of Germany in Estonia), the Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership, IOM – UN Migration Agency in Estonia, the UNHCR, and the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) of the European Commission.