A Tale of Two Speeches

Since the Munich Security Conference, the headlines have been full of doom and gloom and an open rift between the US and Europe.

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ICDS “Resilient Ukraine” To Support Local and Regional Authorities in Fixing Communications Vulnerabilities in South-East Ukraine

The ICDS has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Mykolaiv City Council and Kherson Regional State Administration in south-eastern Ukraine to conduct jointly a comprehensive study aimed at identifying vulnerabilities in information, communications and cybersecurity. The study will be managed within the framework of the “Resilient Ukraine” programme supported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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ICDS “Resilient Ukraine” Team Develops Research Tool to Identify Communications Gaps and Threats

Dmitri Teperik, Ivo Juurvee and Grigori Senkiv of the ICDS “Resilient Ukraine” team developed, together with some 20 Ukrainian and Estonian experts, a research tool for identifying gaps in and threats to information, communications and cybersecurity during a workshop in Odessa, Ukraine on 26–27 January.

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ICDS Talk: The Future of eFP – More Well-developed Training Areas, Pre-positioned Equipment and Proactive Planning

NATO battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland have been a success, according to ICDS research fellows Kalev Stoicescu and Pauli Järvenpää, presenting their recent report, “Contemporary Deterrence: Insights and Lessons from Enhanced Forward Presence”, to a full house on 1 February. “They are fully integrated into the land forces brigades and contribute to the self-defence capabilities of their host nations, the chain of command is clear and they are providing a deterrent presence.”

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Sakkov: Naming and Shaming Doesn’t Work on Russian Leaders

“Naming and shaming does not work on Russia’s leaders because they don’t feel shame,” Sven Sakkov, Director of the International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS), told Finnish daily Turun Sanomat after debunking three myths about cyber security at the Salo Cyber Talks event on 29 January.

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Teperik at the Europe-Ukraine Forum 2019: We Should Admit That Debunking Fake News Doesn’t Work

“Since disinformation is very systematic by nature, our response must also be systematic, not sporadic or project-based. We should admit that debunking fake news does not work,” stressed Dmitri Teperik, Chief Executive of the International Centre for Defence and Security (ICDS), at the Europe-Ukraine Forum 2019 “Ukraine After 2019: A Change or a Continuation?” in Rzeszow, Poland on 24–25 January.

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