Security & Resilience

The EU’s Energy Security Future Lies in Unity

In a wide-ranging interview on Polish radio station Wnet’s Poranka (Morning) program on September 19, non-resident research fellow Emmet Tuohy focused on the priorities of Estonian energy policy–especially as reflected during Estonia’s current presidency of the Council of the European Union–while also touching upon more general security issues.

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Defending a Digital Ecosystem: the Estonian Way

“Estonia is probably one of the most digitally dependent nations in the world. We really depend on the digital infrastructure, on e-government services in our daily lives. I think this is also reason why Estonia and Estonians take cyber security and cyber defence more seriously maybe than some other nations. Because our livelihood depends on that. Our economic well-being depends on that.” said Sven Sakkov, director of the International Centre for Defence and Security.

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