International Organizations

Estonia in the World Health Organization

In order to explain the foundations, goals and methods of Estonia’s activity in the World Health Organization (WHO), some broader key questions about international health diplomacy need to be addressed. Posing broader and perhaps more philosophical questions needs, first and foremost, to provide an answer to why an international approach to health issues is necessary and where health stands in the broader context of international relations. Based on this understanding, we can answer the question why it is necessary for Estonia to be involved in this organisation and how this can be done in the most useful and efficient way for the country.

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Antimicrobial Resistance — A Major Global Health Risk

Infectious diseases are one of the leading causes of death in the world. Even though the situation is more dire in developing countries, serious problems occur even in the developed world, as globalisation and open borders allow infectious agents to travel with people, animals, food and goods and to move freely from one continent or country to another with no regard for state boundaries or distance. Today’s high-tech healthcare should be able to save the life of every person suffering from an infectious disease but, in reality, the infection process is not only influenced by a human organism and its biological features, but also by epidemiological, social and economic factors that can make it uncontainable, which is why infectious diseases pose a great threat to every country and society.

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