Cyber Security

The Tallinn Manual as an international event

The era of cyber conflicts could perhaps compared to the days when America had just been discovered and warships, pirates and buccaneers from various countries sailed into the Caribbean Sea. One of the differences with the 16th century is that one of the vessels trying to bring about order in the ‘cyber-sea’ of today is sailing under the Estonian tricolour flag – blue, black and white.

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Cybersecurity in Estonia: An Interview with Emmet Tuohy

The internet’s virtual world is ever more interconnected with the real world. This is the reason that centers for the study of security also focus their attention on the threats coming from cyberspace. The process of digitizing the processes of the public administration (e-governance) is exposed to possible attacks by internet pirates, while at the same time, sharing sensitive information through the internet could jeopardize the defense of national security. This is the reason that has brought ministries of defense all over Europe to search for particular instruments and strategies aimed at preventing foreseeable attacks to military and intelligence information systems.

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