Book reviews

Ice Melts, Money Burns

Russia’s principal remaining natural resources are located in the Arctic. While the country’s ambitions to conquer the part of the region it does not already hold are great, there is no money to back these in reality—nor will any materialize in the future.

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The iceberg of global migration and a calm state of mind

Migration is a difficult topic to talk about, particularly when in many European nations political extremists have monopolized the discussion. Those who do not find racism and xenophobia compelling try to avoid the issue. Estonia’s history of migration differs considerably from that of Western Europe, meaning the discussion over immigration in Estonia has a completely different starting point. Still, it is an issue where finding a balance between political correctness and blind nationalism is not a simple matter. Talking about migration often causes emotions to go through the roof.

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The Tallinn Manual as an international event

The era of cyber conflicts could perhaps compared to the days when America had just been discovered and warships, pirates and buccaneers from various countries sailed into the Caribbean Sea. One of the differences with the 16th century is that one of the vessels trying to bring about order in the ‘cyber-sea’ of today is sailing under the Estonian tricolour flag – blue, black and white.

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