Baltic States

Winners or Losers?

The negotiations for the next Multi Financial Framework for 2021-2027 are in the early stages. On June 12th, the European Commission is expected to publish the final sectorial proposal for migration, border management and security, European Defence Fund and neighbourhood policy.

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Air Defence of the Baltic States

NATO’s air defence capability has declined over the past decades, a period during which the Allies have usually been able to operate assuming air superiority. Russia’s air power, by contrast, has grown in size and sophistication.

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ICDS Contributed to the Work of the Baltic Assembly

Research Fellow Henrik Praks was among the experts invited to brief on contemporary security issues the meeting of the Legal Affairs and Security Committee of the Baltic Assembly, held in Vilnius on May 12. During the sessions he provided his perspectives under two agenda items: Geopolitical Development and Security in a Wider Perspective, and Common Policy and Approach vis-à-vis the U.S.

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