Blog April 4, 2008

Germany and NATO enlargement

Germany has once again maneuvered itself into a precarious position as obstructer of the spread of peace and prosperity and common sense, a coddler of Russia and an antagonizer of allies. A position...

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Blog March 14, 2008

Some news from the German press

10.03.08SerbiaThe Serbian government under Kostunica has failed writes the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. The fact that Kostunica with his nationalist rhetoric has failed to coerce his coalition partner,...

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Blog February 26, 2008

Kosovo’s independence – a blessing?

At first glance the independence of Kosovo and its war-ravaged inhabitants from their former tormentors appears not only to be just, but also a blessing for the Kosovo Albanians, the Balkan region...

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Blog February 4, 2008

The Defence Planner’s Dilemma

Defence planning - the process of deciding the size and shape of a state’s armed forces - is probably one of the most difficult activities that the state must carry...

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