Nicolas Tenzer

Chairman, Centre for Study and Reseach on Political Decision

Nicolas Tenzer is a senior civil servant, academic, writer and editor. As the former head of department at the Strategic Planning Office, he has written three official reports for the French government. He is a guest professor at Paris School of International Aff airs and chairman of the Center for Studies and Research on Political Decision. Nicolas Tenzer is also the publisher of Desk Russie, a newsletter on Russia and former Soviet countries. He was a director of the Aspen Institute from 2010 to 2015 and has acted as its treasurer and president. He has the authored 22 books and hundreds of papers on foreign and security policy and risk analysis. He is invited as guest speaker at numerous international and security conferences. He is also the owner of a leading strategy blog, launched in June 2021, called Tenzer Strategics.

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