Mele Pesti

Mele Pesti

Communications Advisor

[email protected]

Mele’s role is to help ensure that the work of the ICDS is communicated to as wide an audience as possible. She works with the research team to identify and disseminate on our website and social media channels the key messages from our research, and shares information about the events that the ICDS organises or participates in with our foreign, security and defence policy partners.

Prior to joining ICDS, Mele worked as a journalist and editor in Estonian media outlets and as an International Fellow of International Journalists’ Programmes in Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland’s Berlin office. Mele has observed many elections in Latin American and African countries since 2006, as a member of EU Election Observation Missions. She has written, translated and edited texts, conducted academic research, and held lecture courses on Latin American politics and culture.

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