Blog May 16, 2008

Gift Horses

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” say the English, meaning that if someone makes you a present of a horse, you don’t show ingratitude by inspecting its teeth to see how old it is....

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Blog May 14, 2008

Germany’s New Security Strategy

Presidendivalimiste eelhääletuste karussell hakkab lõpule jõudma. Vabariiklased on panustanud peatselt 72-aastasele John McCainile ja küsimuse all on üksnes see, kas tegemist on Ronald Reagani...

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Blog May 6, 2008

I am the Spring in Tartu!

Vana hea küünik Mihkel Mutt – ehk küll mitte küünik rahvuslasena – küsis hiljuti avarapilgulise rahvusliku konservatiivsuse elik Tartu sotsiaalteadlaste järele. Rest assured,...

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Blog April 24, 2008

The Risk of Threat-Based Planning

With the end of the Cold War, other missions and tasks beyond the physical defence of territories and populations – notably, international peace support operations – gained greater emphasis in...

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Blog April 4, 2008

Germany and NATO enlargement

Germany has once again maneuvered itself into a precarious position as obstructer of the spread of peace and prosperity and common sense, a coddler of Russia and an antagonizer of allies. A position...

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