Blog January 28, 2010

Sorting out intelligence mess

In the eyes of the outside observer, Estonia’s intelligence and security services maintain a rather low-key profile in country’s public affairs, as befits their secretive and subtle mission. They...

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Blog September 30, 2009

Nothing New on the German Front?

With parliamentary election past and a new coalition of the willing, composed of Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Guido Westerwelle’s Free Democratic Party (FDP), in the...

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Blog September 24, 2009

Words and Steel

At the moment, Russia is holding large-scale Zapad-2009 and Ladoga-2009 military drills right next to the Baltic states. Moscow insists that they are conducted for anti-terrorism purposes, yet the...

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Blog August 26, 2009

Armed Forces as a Learning Organisation

Confronted with formidable challenges of counterinsurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States military realised that their old ways of conducting warfare were irrelevant and that they had to...

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