Tony Lawrence

Head of Defence Policy & Strategy Programme / Research Fellow

Tony Lawrence is a research fellow at the International Centre for Defence and Security, where he focuses on issues of defence policy and strategy. He worked at ICDS from its establishment in 2006 until 2013, returning to the Centre in 2016 after a career break. His major projects have included chairing a multidisciplinary study of options for the future of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission, conducting an exploration of Estonia’s force structure needs, leading a study evaluating alternatives for organising strategic-level defence institutions in Estonia, and directing the 2013 Annual Baltic Conference on Defence

Between 2005 and 2013, Tony was also an Assistant Professor at the Baltic Defence College, responsible for the design and delivery of around 50% of the annual Higher Command Studies Course. Tony spent the first half of his career as a civil servant in the UK Ministry of Defence, including appointments in scientific research and procurement, and policy positions dealing with NATO issues, operational policy in the Balkans, the European Union’s security and defence dimension – now CSDP – and ballistic missile defence.

Tony hold a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, a master’s Degree in Defence Systems Engineering, and is a graduate of the annual International Training Course at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

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